Richard Keys claims Benitez should have turned down compensation for Everton sacking in bizarre rant against ex-Liverpool boss

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Richard Keys has expressed infuriation at Rafa Benitez’s decision to accept compensation after being sacked by Everton for a poor run of results.

In a blog post bursting with vitriol, the reporter suggested that the Spaniard had failed to make the moral choice.

“If he had an ounce of decency or integrity he’d have felt that way himself and turned Moshiri’s offer down in the summer – not wanting to tarnish his reputation at Anfield,” the beINSports pundit was quoted as saying by the Mirror. “I’m told he wasn’t going to walk – that he wanted his money before he left Goodison. Ok. He was contractually due – but morally?”

A defeat to league strugglers Norwich City sealed the former Liverpool head coach’s fate, with the Toffees now languishing close to the relegation zone in 16th.

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Whilst perhaps the initial move to Goodison Park was somewhat ill-advised on our former manager’s part, we find it more than difficult to agree that he should have turned down compensation after his enforced departure from the role.

Of course, the question that begs asking is: why shouldn’t Benitez take compensation?

It’s hardly as if the 61-year-old intended to drag the Blues down to the bottom-half of the table, with his parting comments certainly indicating that the job is far more difficult than some realise.

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  1. Yeah, like Keys and Gray had to do when they were fired by Sky.

    Rafa take every bean your entitled to from the bitter’s. You have been treated so disrespectfully that’s the least you deserve. YNWA.

  2. Also, it’s quite ironic being lectured on “morals” by Keys considering he got sacked from sky for sexist comments directed at Sian Massey.

  3. thats why your not on telly anymore,nobody cares about your views,take the money Rafa,its more money out of EFC which will affect what they spend so they can stay where they belong,near the bottom,hell of a job rafa thank you for taking them even further down

  4. Richard Keys is a disgrace. His own ‘morals’ are not questionable, they’re appalling…ask his daughter.
    And for some reason, he and Andy Gray feel it necessary to constantly criticise anything to do with Liverpool, seemingly just for the sake of controversy.
    Putting all that aside, Everton came to Rafa so they need to look at themselves. Also, Everton have had two world class managers and several other very good ones and they still struggle. The club is toxic and very poorly run, it’s not the manager’s efforts causing this. So called top players can’t even trap a ball or pass to a team mate…how is this anybody’s fault but the player?

  5. 100 % agree with Dale, well said, plus it must have slipped his mind that mourinho is a repeat offender at this but never gets a mention

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