Why should Premier League clubs want in on a Super League? The English top-flight is already in a league of its own – Opinion

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When it comes to the prospect of European Super League talks reemerging from the ether, it seems a question of when rather than if.

With that in mind, however, we must beg the question as to its necessity from a purely economic (or, rather, greed-inspired) standpoint for clubs – in particular, those residing in the United Kingdom – given the financial benefits already in play and the gross disparity between ourselves and our European neighbours.

This comes from a report compiled by Ernst & Young (via Premier League resources), with the focus being on the 2019/20 season in which Liverpool secured their first English top-flight title in 30 years.

The proof is ultimately in the pudding for the league when it comes to viewing figures, with a viewership of 3.2bn dwarfing that of UEFA’s Champions League (1.6bn) and European competition provided by the likes of the Bundesliga and La Liga.

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It was far from surprising, then, that a significant £2bn deal was agreed between the Premier League and American broadcasters NBC Sports for the next six years.

As finance expert Kieran Maguire told Empire of the Kop at the time, this wouldn’t necessarily equate to the likes of Liverpool and Co. being handed a huge bump in their personal finances, with the deal in question worth roughly ‘£25m a season to leading clubs’.

To put this into perspective, it still wouldn’t provide much of a dent on the ongoing ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic – and certainly not on the chasm-esque gap separating the spending power of financial juggernauts Chelsea and Manchester City, for example, with Liverpool.

Regardless, it’s yet more clear evidence of the pull England’s premier division exerts on world football.

Viewing figures may seem inconsequential when one considers the potential attraction of Europe’s best battling it out week after week in an American-inspired closed league format where money will entirely govern affairs.

The football public has made their feelings more than clear when it comes to the notion of abandoning the Premier League in favour of Elysium.

But there’s likewise a clear financial argument for staying put should calls for fresh talks be renewed.

As tantalising as the prospect of a Super League may be to some, the brand of the Premier League, and all the benefits that come with it, will be difficult to replicate let alone surpass.

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