(Video) “I don’t know anybody who is like Trent” – Jurgen Klopp eulogises Trent Alexander-Arnold

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Jurgen Klopp was posed the question of how unique Trent Alexander-Arnold is as a footballer and the boss was full of praise for his player.

Our No.66 produces attacking numbers that are unlike anyone else in his position, he defends like a defender and attacks like one of the greatest passers in the world.

In an attempt to explain his game and what the 23-year-old can go on to achieve, the boss answered the question during his pre-Crystal Palace press conference.

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The 54-year-old said: “I don’t know anybody who is like Trent, who is a right-back and is that decisive and influential and all these kind of things.

“But I heard again last night on the bus on the way home, the television was on and people are talking and I really don’t like when it gets mentioned that, ‘Yeah, defensively he is not that good but he is offensively that influential.’

“Honestly, I thought he played outstandingly well defensively last night.

“Little Martinelli, we will talk about this player in the future, if he will be without major injuries he will have a proper career. He is really good and what he [Alexander-Arnold] did there against him and how he kept him busy defensively and where he showed up.

“The package of Trent is insane.

“It’s not now that he delivers every day, there are still departments where he can improve and has to improve; we work on that and I will not stop telling him!

“But the package is really interesting, I have to say.

“I’m not sure what that means in history, there is still 15 years or whatever to play and to create and to score and to learn and improve and all these kind of things.

“But yeah, the last five years were a good start in a career, I would say”.

The prospect of the Scouser in our team being around for another 15 years is certainly an exciting one, with him seeming destined to be our captain and be in hot pursuit of silverware, appearances and assists for many years.

It’s great that our manager can lift the West Derby-born defender to feel like one of the world’s best but also ground him by reminding him of all the work he still needs to complete.

You can watch Klopp’s comments on Alexander-Arnold via our Twitter account @empireofthekop:

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