(Video) “One of the worst decisions I’ve seen this season” – Micah Richards disgusted with the decision for Liverpool to win a penalty

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Michah Richards was not happy with the decision for Liverpool to be awarded a penalty following the clash between Diogo Jota and Vicente Guaita.

Speaking on Match of the Day, the former Manchester City defender thought that Kevin Friend made a huge mistake by overturning his initial decision.

The 33-year-old said: “No, not at all, this is one of the worst decisions I’ve seen this season, if I’m being totally honest.

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“The referee is in a great position, it’s a clear view and the on-field decision he doesn’t give it.

“Jota kicks the ball away and he’s run into the ‘keeper, he run into Guaita and it’s a ridiculous decision and I don’t understand why the referee, goes to the monitor and goes against the decision that he’s given.

“Someone on VAR has told him to go there but why don’t you just stay strong with the on-field decision?”.

If it was the other way round, it would be a call that many of our supporters would be disgusted with and it’s fair to see why the Crystal Palace fans would be the same.

It seems to fall in the letter of the law for a penalty but surely common sense would overrule and the decision for it to not be a penalty would be better for the game.

You can watch Richards’ punditry on the Jota pen (at 17:30) via Match of the Day 2 on BBC iPlayer.

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  1. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Dermot Gallagher, for the 1st time I know of has NOT sided with the on field referee. Normally, irrespective of the decision, Gallagher goes with the Ref! Is it because it is LFC. How many crap penalty decisions have gone against us and you do not hear this type of OUTCRY. Me thinks Mr Richards is just a little scared that we may catch his MCFC. All I can say is 3 – 1!!!!!!!!!

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