(Video) “Thanks!” Jamie Carragher responds to Premier League title dig by Laura Woods on Sky Sports

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Jamie Carragher had a comical response when he was reminded that he never won the Premier League title in his career.

Speaking with Laura Woods ahead of the game between Crystal Palace and Liverpool, the host began a new question for our former defender and said: “You’ve been in the position where you’re chasing a title, unsuccessfully albeit…”

To which the man with the second highest appearance tally for the Reds interrupted with: “Thanks!”.

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It was a typically self-effacing response from our former No.23 who only had to say one word to let the person asking the question know that she’d hurt his feelings but he was happy to take it and retort back with a joke.

It’s a classic example of quick Scouse wit from the Bootle-born pundit and it’s great to see the fame from football and punditry hasn’t affected him too much.

You can watch the video of Carragher and Woods (at 0:46) via Sky Sports Premier League on Twitter:

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  1. Who the f@#K is Laura Woods and Carra at least has a UCL medal! I do not recall Arsenal winning a UCL title!

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