‘Delete’ ‘Expected better’ – Some Liverpool fans upset with Robertson over ‘disappointing’ Twitter post

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NFTS and cryptocurrency carry with them something of a poor reputation – and not without good reason given the carbon footprint attached to the former, to provide one example of its many sins.

Advertising his own personal NFT collection via Twitter, Andy Robertson hardly impressed a large section of the Liverpool fanbase online.

Many a supporter jumped onto the Twittersphere to request that the Scot take down the post and think back to his roots after announcing his somewhat tone-deaf partnership.

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Given the largely immoral nature of NFTs, we hope that someone in the Scotland captain’s entourage will inform him of the harm caused by the digital products.

We would like to believe that the fullback has been misled on the topic and would expect fan concerns to be heeded going forward.

Of course, with a prominent player having hopped on the NFT train, it does raise questions around the lack of education on the subject and the need for greater awareness about the dangers posed.

You can catch some of the fan reaction below:

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