FSG urged to take advantage of breakaway league possibility in Brazil as finance expert details viability of a takeover

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With the financial disparity between clubs like Liverpool and Manchester City remaining still significant – and threatening to grow out of control with little in the way of consequences for allegedly questionable financial activities – sourcing viable new revenue streams is critical in order to to be completely left behind.

Kieran Maguire has advised the Reds’ owners, FSG, to consider the idea of taking over a Brazilian outfit in anticipation of a breakaway league being formed, as is a reported possibility according to Globo (via Football Insider).

“The problem is that regulation in Brazilian football has historically been weak and erratic,” the finance guru told Football Insider.

“Brazilian football has generally focused on the national team. The domestic team is very much an export market for Europe.

“If there is a creation of a league where they can have more stability, that could be very good for the clubs in it.

“If FSG are involved, they will be in position to reap the rewards.”

John W. Henry and Co. were thought to have attempted to a club in the region though were reportedly thwarted by former Brazil legend, Ronaldo.

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The prospect of a close relationship with a Brazilian club would reap many benefits for us, giving us a potential talent production line from South America – an area of the world that continues to produce top-tier talents on a regular basis.

The financial aspect of such a relationship, of course, could also prove to be ideal if the breakaway in question were to occur, though we’d have some concerns over what such a scenario might mean for Brazilian domestic football and its fans given the risks we are aware were attached to the Super League proposed for top European sides.

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