Didier Drogba’s ridiculous Jurgen Klopp dig after Senegal’s AFCON win will annoy Liverpool fans

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Celebrations ran through into the night in the Senegalese capital of Dakar after Sadio Mane and Co. returned victorious from the AFCON tournament in Cameroon.

Commenting on the mobbing of the team bus, Didier Drogba couldn’t help but fire a dig at Jurgen Klopp over his prior ‘little tournament’ comment.

The Lions of Teranga found themselves in a stalemate with Egypt after both normal and extra time, with a penalty shootout finally separating the two.

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It’s a massive shame that the former Chelsea hitman is the latest to jump on the bandwagon and taunt the German for his prior comments, particularly given that his long since been established that his words were sarcastic.

If anyone appreciates the magnitude of the tournament and African continent, it’s certainly Klopp seeing as how he saw three of his top talents depart the club for the entire month of January.

Whilst we appreciate the culture differences involved in such misunderstandings, it seems an entirely unnecessary comment from Drogba in light of how the issue has since been clarified.

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  1. WHO gives a flying F**K what HAS BEEN Drogba has to say ?? Great comp for African`s but for the rest of us its just a hindrance on the team competing in the EPL !!

  2. Exactly. What Drogba fails to understand or pretends not is that most ppl are annoyed not necessarily with the tournaments itself (which is perfectly legit as it is with Copa Sud America and Europa cup) or Africa but with the corrupt world authorities who permit such an abomination whereby for one month in the middle of domestic seasons top players who are paid millions by their clubs are taken away and made to play in another competition. When u add the liabilities and cost of injuries the insanity of such arrangements is staggering. Add on top, the awful conditions prevalent at African venues (lack of organization, poor poor pitches, medical aspects – do we remember how Mane and others were risked with severe head injury?, poor Covid precautions and on and on.. maybe then Mr Drogba gets off his high horses and adds something constructive to the conversations, such as how can such tournaments in the future be planned better to avoid conflict.. instead he chooses a cheap dig… says all we need to know about him.


  4. The comment @Bodgan is not surprisingly myopic and egocentric.Stars who depart their clubs to play at other tournaments have responsibilities to their local fans who made them in the first place before the Europeans vultures hijack them for a few years of their live and Quickly discard of them once they past their prime.Many local fan still adore these players even till death and it’s just short sighted to think only European clubs business should be satisfied without recourse to the feelings of the players themselves and their people.This would be tantamount to modern day slavery which every forward thinking person should kick against.
    And to correct the impression of bad pitches, the the guy must have been watching the games with his eyes closed,the pitches for the tournament are comparable to the best playing fields in the world and our medical experts are equal to the task needless to.say we have a number of promising stars whose careers were cut short by medical failings in Europe.
    So, it’s high time the European clubs and their selfish fans got down their high horses and embrace the reality that the beautiful game is for all!

  5. Klopp was totally offside. As Africans we value our tournament and do not give a fu** what a certain European Nobody thinks! Mr Author nothing needed clarification there Klopp was indeed offside. Drogba is free to express his sentiment on anything. It is Klopp who needs to be mature and respect other tournaments as well, not just EPL.

  6. Klopp was wrong in the first place by describing Afcon comprising of 54 Independent countries as little tournament. If anybody describe European cup, South American cup or Asean cup as little tournament your pungent scribes would have gone to town raining fire. Klopp statement was serious, insulting not sarcastic. Next time he should watch his untamed lips.

  7. If Klopp was sarcastic then Drogba is also not allowed to be sarcastic. The former Chelsea legend is also sending a message against looking down upon what other people also consider special to them. We are proudly African. We are black & proud.

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