(Video) John Aldridge on the Jimmy Greaves goal scoring record he broke and no one talks about

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John Aldridge has a prolific goal scoring record throughout his career with Newport County, Oxford United, Real Sociedad, Tranmere Rovers, Ireland and Liverpool.

Many older supporters despise the fact that any records before 1992 are largely forgotten and replaced with Premier League records, with the years before this being largely forgotten.

The man with 63 goals in 104 games for the Reds was a guest on the Greenhills Chats – Explore creative minds… podcast and was asked on his thoughts of pre-Premier League records being ignored today.

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The 63-year-old said: “You’re spot on, it’s as if the top tier died in the early nineties, forget about that it means nothing!

“It’s all Sky Sports and what have you now, that really, really annoys me and a lot of players they’re forgotten and that’s gone.

“I loved breaking records, I was goal hungry and it was in my blood.

“I broke Jimmy Greaves record, I got 474 or 476 goals and Jimmy got 468, albeit Jimmy’s were all in the top tier but I have to say that doesn’t half get to me”.

It’s clearly a stat that the Scouser is proud of but doesn’t believe gets enough credit and regardless of this specific statistic, he is one of the best goal scorers of the era that immediately preceded the Premiership era of football.

The Irish international will fall into a category alongside many others in that his achievements are not correctly respected today.

You can watch Aldridge on this topic (at 9:20) via Greenhills Chats – Explore creative minds… on YouTube:

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