Remarkable statistic that illustrates the effectiveness of Liverpool’s high defensive line

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Much is made of Jurgen Klopp deploying a high defensive line for his Liverpool team, with many pundits pointing it out as a weak link.

However; this statistic illustrates that instead of it being a weak part of our game, it is in fact one of the strongest assets we have and especially when judged alongside other teams.

As shared by Neil Mellor on LFC TV, we actually have the highest number of oppositions offsides in our games this season:

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With highlights and media comments apparently stating that Burnley had many chances against our defence, despite the vast majority of them coming from offside chances, the perception is that this is a weakness.

It’s a clear thought out plan that this is the best way to keep the ball out of our net and we are perhaps the biggest losers with the new rule for flags to be kept down in ‘tight’ offside decisions.

Hopefully this statistic can help illustrate that we are actually being punished for having such a good line, rather than this being a weak part of our game.

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