Diogo Jota’s eSports team are coming to FIFA as part of Ultimate Team

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Diogo Jota is famed for being almost as good at virtual football, as he is at the game in real life.

Our No.20 dedicates a lot of off-field hours to playing FIFA online on his Twitch channel and as part of his ‘Diogo Jota eSports’ team, often competing against the world’s best players at the game.

Spending so much time away from home when travelling, it’s clear that this is a way for the Portuguese forward to unwind and is also an avenue for extra interaction with his fans and fellow gamers.

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It has now been announced that the shirt that he, and the rest of his team, wear during streams and competitions, is now available in FIFA Ultimate Team.

As a reward for completing a certain set of challenges, players can now play in the kit that has been created by the former Wolves forward and features his logo on the shirt.

The gaming community is huge and for the 25-year-old to be such a part of the real and virtual sides of the game is quite unique, especially for how good he is at both.

You can view the announcement via @diogojotaegames on Twitter:

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