‘Not the right way to act’ – Ex-Man City star slams Liverpool man over Carabao Cup final behaviour

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Danny Mills has called out Harvey Elliott for his decision to pick up a flare after Liverpool’s Carabao Cup final success against Chelsea.

The elated 18-year-old picked up the item after it had been thrown onto the pitch by Reds fans.

“He’s come on during a cup final and it doesn’t look good. It’s not the right sort of image that you want to see. It’s not really the way to conduct yourself,” the former Manchester City star told Football Insider.

“It’s not surprising that somebody is going to have a word with him. It’s not the right image, it’s not the right way to act and you don’t want to encourage anything like that. He should know that.

“He might be young, he might be over-celebrating and exuberant but there is a limit to how far you can go within that.”

Jurgen Klopp has commented on the incident, noting that he would have a conversation with the attacker in light of the FA’s decision to contact the former Fulham Academy graduate for his behaviour on the day.

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With all due respect, it’s difficult to take any of the outcry against the youngster seriously when the item had been picked up on the pitch.

Of course, we understand the danger associated with flares given the high temperatures they can burn to, not to mention it having not been designed for compact spaces like football stadiums.

That being said, it seems Elliott has been vilified for the act beyond the point of necessity when acting on emotion in the wake of the club’s first League Cup win for 10 years.

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  1. Way too much is made of this. He is a young man, for God’s sake and I am not sure what wrong with lighting up emotions with the fans in such a boring competition.
    Stop veing so stiff.

  2. Give it a rest already, As I recall Danny Mills does not epitomise model behaviour. Swearing on television does not exactly scream model behaviour. 44 years old at the time – YOU should know better.

  3. Wasn’t it Danny Mills who went apoplectic at Jurgen running on to give Alisson a hug after his contribution to the Pickford screw-up leading to Origi’s winning goal against Everton? Showing his loyalties again, that’s all.

  4. Danny has continuously demonstrated that he is incapable of objective analysis in his role as a so called analyst. He frequently sounds like a glorified MC fanboy. He has been dismissive of Klopp , the players and most things associated with LFC. He should grow up and put his tribal impulses behind him before spewing more garbage.

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