(Video) Mo Salah shares inspirational story of sleeping on football pitches when he had nowhere to stay in Egypt

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Mo Salah has made the transition from humble beginnings, to acting as a true inspiration for so many Egyptians and Scousers.

Speaking in an in-depth interview with dmc on Egyptian television, our No.11 discussed how he had to sleep rough in his early footballing days.

The 29-year-old said: “I was with another player from Al Mokawloon [Salah’s first professional team], he told me we would stay in Cairo at his uncle’s for a week.

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“So, I called my father and he gave me £60, I think he wanted to save money.

“My friend told me we would be staying at his uncle’s in Ramadan City, I agreed and after we arrived we found out his uncle was not there!

“At night, we didn’t know what to do. He then suggested we should stay with a friend of his but when we arrived I found him staying in the cemetery.

“I told him, ‘I won’t stay here, I can’t!’ and he told me that he had no other options but I just said that I could not stay there.

“He then said to let him think and remembered he knew someone from the club, it was behind the club administrator’s back, I hope they don’t discover this!

“We put covers down behind the front gate and we slept behind the club’s gate, I used my shoes as a pillow and we got up at 6am before anyone arrived, so that we didn’t get anyone into trouble.

“We left to get breakfast and came back for 9am, acting like we’d just arrived”.

The former Roma man goes on to discuss how he spent the following night in the stadium too and it’s great how he wants to share these stories, in order to inspire others.

What an inspirational man and he’s not a bad footballer either!

You can watch Salah on his rough sleeping (at 10:00) courtesy of dmc on YouTube:

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