(Video) “It’s for money reasons” – Klopp on too many international friendlies, more subs and UEFA’s proposal for more teams in the CL

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Jurgen Klopp faced the media ahead of Liverpool’s FA Cup tie against Nottingham Forest but had several issues to cover whilst he was there.

The boss was asked about player fatigue and it led to him discussing international friendlies, UEFA and much more.

The 54-year-old said: “The five subs is essential, because when you think now, I think Scotland plans six friendly games in the summer – the national team.

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“So, not all of them are for the purpose of ‘If we go to the World Cup, then we are better prepared’, it’s for money reasons.

“I understand that but again, England has four games and in a summer where it’s the first time for ages there’s no tournament – what do we do? Oh good, we use that time to put in some games.

“That’s the world, UEFA plan a new tournament with what 32, 36 teams, 58? I have no idea whatever but a lot more, I didn’t even know Europe had that many countries”.

When you look at what the boss is saying, it’s more than a fair point and seeing as we have five subs in every other competition but the league this season – it seems ludicrous not have it.

As for friendlies in our first summer in years without a tournament, surely these national teams would want their players to have a rest too?

Everyone is out for money and they want as many games as possible, the only people who lose out through this is the players because of fatigue – then in turn the fans because of a lesser standard of football than it could be if everyone was fresh.

You can watch Klopp’s full answer on the international friendlies via our Twitter account and his full press conference is available on our YouTube:

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