29-year-old Liverpool star ready for a new start outside the Premier League; report claims only 40% chance of staying

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Liverpool’s Mo Salah is reportedly ready for a new challenge outside of the Premier League with contract talks still at a standstill between player and club.

This comes from Sport, with the publication claiming that the No.11 has a 60% chance of departing the Merseyside-based outfit in favour of a move away.

The Reds’ top goalscorer has been in superb form this term, firing in 28 goals across 36 appearances this season to help the club catch up to within a point of league leaders Manchester City.

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Should our 29-year-old stay or should he go remains the most perplexing question of our time, however, with his contract still set to run out in 2023 and there being no sign of an update on that front coming in the near future.

Salah, Saka, Romano
Salah’s future remains far from clear, with fellow European heavyweights likely to test Liverpool’s resolve this summer if a new contract fails to arise.

Being the clear front-runner for the player of the year this season – not to mention, arguably, the top candidate for next year’s Ballon d’Or, it would seem the height of insanity to allow Salah to part ways with us this summer or in the next.

Though we’ll be keen to avoid a repeat of the Gini Wijnaldum and Emre Can affairs where top talent has left on a free, there’s a lot to be also said for capitalising on the Egyptian King’s productivity in his prime.

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  1. What lazy reporting!! Nothing but click bait.. absolutely no specifics whatsoever, not even the usual suspects names thrown about yet there is a very specific and odd % allocated to this chance? Sure it isn’t maybe 63%?? Wow… let’s think for a second .. where would he go? The assumption is that he loves being at Pool, he is adored by the fans, becoming a legend at this club so the only reason he may go would be money, right? Ok. So who can realistically outbid us for our own star player? Barca is out as they have no crazy money to throw around and just agreed to get Raphinha in salahs exact position for this very reason.. they can’t afford Salah. Next, Real, they could outbid us but clearly their priority is Mbappe and quite possibly have a run at Haaland too. Not likely. In England it is not going to happen. Bayern doesn’t throw this kind of money at anyone. So the only chance would be PSG again, those scummy money bags. Especially as they lose Mbappe and are ready probably to unload a wagon of overpaid has-been stars.. however would Salah be so stupid to go to those perennial losers, with the most fickle fan base and with a huge question mark on who the coach would even be??

    I think that Pool are in a much stronger position than we think on this one. We made him the best offer we could for a super star approaching 30. We are not going to bid against ourselves. If we decide to cash in this summer and get 70-80 mil for him and maybe even have a run at Haaland or a future star in his low/ mid 20s I’m good with it. If we stay put and milk Salah for another year for all his worth I’m good with it too! By then let’s face it he will be 31.. with a lot, lot, lot of miles on him! Will he be able to avoid injuries and inevitable form drop for another 3-4 years after that??? He has been injuries free most of his career but it catches up with everyone at some point. Why would we be the ones holding that can when it happens and on a massive salary that will upset the Apple cart internally? If Liverpool weren’t winning anything I could understand his desire to go but as it stands he has the best of all worlds and guaranteed to make huge monies anyways.. also you mentioned that we lost for free the likes of Gini and Can. True, how did they fare once away from Liverpool??? They are nothing more than squad members.. how did Coutinho do after he forced a move to go to his Barca dream? How about Torres? The only ones who really did something were Masquerano and Suarez but at a very different age than Salah…

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