Diogo Jota isn’t called ‘Jota’ and the name comes from a childhood nickname

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If we can ever trust Wikipedia then the real name of our Portuguese forward is Diogo Jose Teixeira da Silva, so where does the Jota come from?

In a post by Reddit user u/iiEviNii, it becomes clear that our No.20 may not be the man that we all thought he was and a quick search online will reveal he used to wear ‘Silva’ (as pictured above) on his shirt for Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The name was actually given to him during his academy days where there were several young footballers called ‘Diogo’ and so our man was known as ‘Diogo J’ because of the Jose that follows his first name, hence the name he now uses on his Liverpool shirts.

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‘Jota’ is just the way that the letter ‘J’ is pronounced in the Portuguese language and isn’t actually his name at all.

Interesting how a childhood name can stick for so long and now the 25-year-old will forever be referred to as ‘Jota’ despite actually being a Silva.

Whether some supporters knew this already or not, it’s still an intriguing tale of how a name can catch on so well, everyone thinks you were born with it.

You can see the post on Reddit and the comments regarding ‘Jota’ via user u/iiEviNii:

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