Premier League set to announce five substitution rule from the start of next season

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Jurgen Klopp’s wishes look to be coming true as the Premier League are set to announce the introduction of five substitutions to the league.

As reported by The Times‘Premier League clubs are set to make a U-turn tomorrow and agree to five substitutions per team being permitted from next season’.

This will mean massive changes to the way the game is played within the league and will be welcomed with plenty of backlash from some of the so-called ‘smaller’ clubs.

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For the likes of ourselves, it will be welcomed – not just for the size of our squad but because of the current fight on four fronts for silverware.

As for, to use an example our boss likes to use a lot, Burnley – they will see this as the league pandering to the big boys and will now be handicapped further due to the size of other squads.

Seeing as this rule has been applied in the Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup to no real major change in results or performances, then it shouldn’t change the game too much.

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