(Video) “We see ourselves as the Boot Room reloaded!” – Jurgen Klopp on his coaching staff and their relationship

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The Boot Room is a huge part of the history and legacy of the formative years of Liverpool becoming the greatest team in England.

Jurgen Klopp is fully aware of this and during an interview with Peter Hooton for BT Sport, he discussed his knowledge of the former managers of our great club.

During the chat, our boss was asked how important his team is to what he tries to achieve at the club today and he couldn’t have been more complimentary.

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The 54-year-old said: “We are very close, together with Pete (Krawietz), with Pep (Lijnders), with Vitor (Matos), John (Achterberg) and Jack (Robinson) and meanwhile the fitness guys and the fitness coaches and all these kinds of things, we are really close and that’s what I love.

“I’ve never had to change, I was part of a team when I played football and now I’m part of a team now that I coach football players.

“I have to make always the final decision, that is fine but to get there is only as good as things you learn from other people.

“We are very close and, I’m not sure if it’s allowed but inside we see ourselves as ‘The Boot Room Reloaded’!”

If anyone should be allowed to use the name then it should be the man who has been in charge of our club since 2015 and won all but one (FA Cup) trophy that has been on offer.

This season could very much end in a quadruple and if he wins that, he can name any room in the stadium whatever he wants!

You can watch Klopp’s comments on the boot room (at 3:56) and the full interview via BT Sport on YouTube:

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