(Video) “The best pub in Liverpool!” – Jurgen Klopp on his Anfield sanctuary in the Main Stand

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The Boot Room is a huge part of the history and legacy of the formative years of Liverpool becoming the greatest team in England.

Jurgen Klopp is fully aware of this and during an interview with Peter Hooton for BT Sport, he discussed his knowledge of the former managers of our great club.

During the chat, our boss was asked about what he knows about the legendary boot room and how he was first introduced to it.

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The 54-year-old said: “The first thing, which was completely new to me, was when I arrived at Liverpool and I went to the stadium for the first time.

“They showed me the dressing room and we went down a floor and then they told me ‘this is your little boot room’.

“They explained to me and it was really nice, like a little pub in the stadium. I liked it a lot. So in the new stand, we did our own boot room.

“Pretty much Ulla, my wife, was responsible for the furniture and how it looks. For me, it’s the best pub in Liverpool!

“After a game, I love going there with all my staff, my friends and their families. It’s great, we don’t have that in Germany. After a game, you have maybe a corner in the VIP area but it’s better when you are together with people you know already.

“It’s our safe place, I would say.”

What any supporter of our club wouldn’t give to be able to sit in that room with the coaching staff and listen to the conversations they must have.

This season could very much end in a quadruple, if our boss had predicted that at the start of the campaign most would have been checking what they were drinking in there!

You can watch Klopp’s comments on his favourite pub (at 2:05) and the full interview via BT Sport on YouTube:

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