(Video) Divock Origi on the “unbelievable” moment playing for Liverpool where “time stopped for me”

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If this is to be his last season, all Liverpool fans can agree that Divock Origi has provided them some of the greatest moments of their life.

The list doesn’t even need to be repeated, such is the legend of our Belgian hero’s role in some very famous nights for the Reds.

Speaking with Liverpool’s YouTube channel, our second-longest serving player was asked to describe the greatest moment he’s had playing for our club.

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The 26-year-old said: “I would say the Champions League, when we won it – it was a kid’s dream.

“That feeling of something you visualised since you were a kid and then it’s about to happen.

“There was a long build up to the game and we had the camp in Spain, then we went to Madrid and the stadium was unbelievable, the weather was crazy, the whole scene, the fans – everything.

“I came on and scored which obviously made it even more special, my family was there, everyone was there and that moment when [the referee] stopped the game – it was like time stopped for me.

“The Champions League was definitely [the highlight] for me”.

The game in question isn’t too much of a surprise to hear but the way our No.27 describes his emotions and how much it meant to him, is magical.

Let’s hope that he has at least one more big moment before he leaves Anfield for the last time.

You can watch Origi’s comments on his best moment as a Liverpool player (at 6:44) via Liverpool FC on YouTube:

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