(Video) “If you cannot shout and sing, stay at home” – Jurgen Klopp demands a ‘sensational’ Anfield atmosphere

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In no uncertain terms, Jurgen Klopp expects Anfield to be rocking as we return to action in the Premier League.

Speaking with the media ahead of the Watford game, the 54-year-old said: “What we need for this game is a sensational, the best – the best – 12:30 pm atmosphere ever.

“Not nervous, not whatever, not tense and you cannot breathe… if you cannot shout and sing, stay at home and give your ticket to somebody else, please.

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“Really, we need you with all we have – the boys came back from all over the world, played completely different systems again and we have this one session today where we can make sure we remind them of what we actually do because their national teams obviously do it completely different.

“Then we go against a very well-organised Watford team and we need each voice for that.”

Some managers could be ridiculed by their own supporters for making a statement like this, no doubt some rival fans will use it as evidence our atmosphere isn’t what it was, but such is the relationship between supporter and manager at our club – it will be welcomed.

There are just two months and a maximum of seven home games left this season and each one needs to be louder and more intimidating than the last!

You can watch the clip from Klopp about the atmosphere via our Twitter account @empireofthekop or you can watch the full press conference on our YouTube page.

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