Liverpool disappointed with ‘underwhelming’ NFT sales as only 5% of first tokes issued being sold

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When Liverpool announced that they would be selling their own NFTs, it was met with the widespread distaste of most supporters.

The move into this new confusing world alienated many fans and clearly hasn’t inspired those who are interested or knowledgeable enough either.

This was obviously seen as a new revenue stream for the club and that would of course mean more money for them and thus the club as a whole.

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Professor Simon Chadwick, a Global Professor of Sport, has taken to his Twitter account to provide an update on sales: ‘Liverpool’s first NFT issue underwhelming. Of 171,000+ tokens available, fewer than 8,000 sold.

‘Fans either object to NFT development, or they are too expensive for what they are, or they don’t really understand them. NFT market still has long way to go…’.

There will still be hopes that this can take off and there can be plenty of money made and raised but it certainly hasn’t been the success story many were hoping for.

Whether we see less or more attention placed on advertising now will remain to be seen but many will have a wry smile and a feeling of ‘I told you so’, with this news.

You can view the full statement by Professor Simon Chadwick regarding the NFTs via his Twitter account:

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