NFT auction prices confirmed with Mo Salah selling for over $88,000.00 and nearly $750,000.00 raised in first ‘unique’ auction

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With news coming that not all the Liverpool NFTs are selling, the first auction of unique items has attracted some huge fees.

In total, 24 unique tokens were put up for auction with the final total of raised funds coming to just under $750,000.00 and some of the individual prices are equally as eye watering.

The top price was for Mo Salah and it came to $88,200.00, which was closely followed by Jurgen Klopp at $81,900.00 and then Trent Alexander-Arnold for $69,300.00.

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Liverpool have confirmed that: ‘50% of its ‘Legendary’ 1/1 proceeds, 10% of its limited edition ‘Hero’ proceeds, plus 10% of the resale royalties, to the LFC Foundation‘.

That means that there is a considerable amount of money going to charitable causes, as well as the fact that whenever any of these tokens get sold on – money will then go back to the club too.

It’s certainly going to generate some money but the morality behind the process has upset many fans, there’s also an argument that people aren’t happy just because they don’t understand it.

It’s a divisive topic and may not be raising the funds the club hoped for but there’s still plenty of big figures here.

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