(Video) “Help them stop smoking” – Andy Robertson’s light-hearted response to being targeted by Portuguese lighters

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Andy Robertson had a hilarious response to being targeted by the Benfica fans, with some projectiles that included lighters.

Speaking with BT Sport, the captain of Scotland was asked about the reaction from the Portuguese supporters as he took a late corner-kick in front of the home fans and said: “They weren’t best pleased, were they!

“Quite a few lighters thrown at me, maybe it will help them stop smoking – so we’ll take the positives!

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“We’ve seen it a lot, people getting hit and things like that but luckily they were all quite close to me but none of them hit me.

“Look, it’s tough when you get so late in the game and they’re frustrated, I get that, but you should try and not throw stuff onto the pitch”.

Really well dealt with by our No.26 and he didn’t want to cause a fuss by overly complaining about the situation.

There are far too many incidents coming into the game with supporters throwing items at the players but our left-back didn’t want to kick up a fuss on this matter.

You can watch the video of Robertson’s comments in the interview (at 1:53) via @btsportfootball on Twitter:

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