(Video) Fan footage shows the amount of missiles thrown at Andy Robertson ahead of a late corner against Benfica

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Andy Robertson may have laughed off the lighters being thrown at him after the game in Benfica but new footage shows how bad it was.

Near the end of the game and after we had stretched our lead back to two goals, our No.26 went to take a corner in front of the Portuguese supporters but was subjected to a large amount of abuse.

Booing, jeering and whistling are all part of the game and add to an atmosphere but there’s no need for the missiles that were thrown in the direction of Scotland’s captain.

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It wasn’t just our left-back either as both in this clip and after his goal, Luis Diaz was also subjected to objects thrown towards him during the game.

Perhaps there could have been more foresight by not handing every fan in the stadium a stick to throw at our players but there also shouldn’t need to the consideration that they would try and use them as weapons.

It’s all well and good having a laugh and a joke afterwards but it takes one serious injury for this to stop being funny, very quickly.

You can watch the video of the missiles thrown at Robertson via Reddit user u/Birkmaniac:

Benefica handed out flags with sticks to all the home fans. Did anyone think this was a good idea?!?!? from LiverpoolFC

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