Jurgen Klopp on whether his Liverpool team are ‘equal’ to Manchester City and the difference from his time in Germany

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Jurgen Klopp spent many years chasing Bayern Munich in Germany but now feels his Liverpool team has done what his Borussia Dortmund squad couldn’t.

Speaking to the media ahead of the visit to the Etihad Stadium, our boss was asked if he felt his side were equal to Pep Guardiola’s and said: ‘Equal? I am not sure. The main difference between Dortmund and Bayern and Liverpool and City is at Dortmund we lost important players every year and Bayern never.

‘If you leave Bayern then it is pretty much because you retire or finish your career and stuff like this, or you don’t play at all – or it was like this, at least.

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‘If you played an outstanding season at Dortmund, there are a lot of clubs who would be interested and very often it was Bayern themselves, so that’s the difference in the situation.

‘That’s why we could build here and we are much more equal at least than we were with Bayern.

‘That’s definitely the case, because we could just develop then, we could build on what we did the years before.

‘We had this last year, which was not great, but even that we could build on because we knew why it happened.

‘I don’t care if we are ‘equal’ but we are much closer than we were with Dortmund, that’s for sure’.

Despite what many like to say, thanks to FSG our club is in a very strong position and will be a big reason why the 54-year-old is still at the club.

We can still keep up with the financial prowess of Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United thanks to the ability of the German and the stubbornness of our owners.

By not selling players and the boss making them world beaters, we have one of the best teams the world has ever seen.

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