(Video) Jamie Carragher on a less ‘spicy’ rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester City because ‘it is a different time’

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There’s no doubting that Liverpool and Manchester City have an intense rivalry but Jamie Carragher believes it misses out in some aspects.

Speaking on Sky Sports, our former defender was assessing the intensity of the rivalry between the two sides: “When you think of the Arsenal and Manchester United [rivalry], the managers were always going at each other and there was obviously a situation with players like Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane.

“We haven’t quite got that, I wouldn’t say we don’t have the personalities but the way the game is now, you put a couple of tackles in and you’ll probably be off the pitch and so it is a different time.

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“I think the respect there between Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp is there for all to see, so maybe it’s not as spicy off the pitch but certainly on the pitch, I think these are two of the best teams we’ve ever had in the Premier League.

“We’ve got the two best managers in the world, the two best teams in the world right now and I think there’s a great chance they could meet in Champions League final and they’ve got the FA Cup next week.

“So, there’s a lot riding on the next four to six weeks”.

Maybe we won’t see the huge sliding tackles, fights and red cards that come with other rivalries but that’s the level of these sides, their battles are purely football related.

Such is the respect between the two managers, although maybe not the two sets of fans, you won’t hear bad words said about the other.

It’s about who is the best football team and let’s hope it’s Jurgen Klopp’s side who come out on top at the Etihad Stadium.

You can watch Carragher’s thoughts on the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester City courtesy of Sky Sports (via @footballdaily on Twitter):

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