(Video) Steven Gerrard on the conversation with Jurgen Klopp that inspired him to start coaching at Liverpool’s Under 18s

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The thought of Steven Gerrard and Jurgen Klopp working together is probably something that many Liverpool fans would be very excited about.

Speaking on The Overlap, our former captain had an in-depth interview with Gary Neville and discussed his life in coaching so far.

This covered the Aston Villa boss’ beginnings with Liverpool Under 18s and he talked about how it all started with: “A conversation with Jurgen Klopp and I was open with Jurgen, Jurgen was open with me and I said to him: ‘Go on then, what do you see from ex-players going into management?’.

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“And he said: ‘I see so many ex-players who have been good players or had strong careers and they automatically think they can go into the coaching or management side of it and be a success’.

“He said, ‘For me, the key is going back to the beginning, taking a team at a level where there’s no cameras and make some mistakes’.

“He said: ‘I make tons of mistakes every day’, I said ‘It doesn’t look like!'”.

It must be amazing that, despite being a legend of the club, a novice coach could have a sit-down chat with our manager and be inspired into taking a job like our Under 18s.

There’s nothing wrong with coaching the youth set-up but you see many managers now go straight for a top job somewhere, or coach underneath an experienced manager.

For the now 41-year-old to be given free reign on a team, yet have the support network and set-up of our academy and the first-team – it must have been a huge help.

How much would people pay to have been a fly on the wall in some of their conversations!

You can watch Gerrard’s comments on the conversations with Klopp (at 3:44) via The Overlap on YouTube:

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