Jamie Carragher accepts the invite to feature on Its A Funny Old Life Podcast after young Liverpool fan lists dream guests

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Liverpool are fortunate enough to have a host of legendary former players and for many, Jamie Carragher is high up on that list.

Having been treated to a podcast with Andy Robertson and Curtis Jones, following Liverpool and Joie arranging the day, young fan Joe Symes was asked who his dream guests for future episodes would be.

Listing Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher was a brilliant decision, as the video caught the attention of our former No.23 and he reached out to the host on Twitter.

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Over a selection of Tweets, the pair arranged for the episode to be recorded very soon:

It’s a great gesture by the 44-year-old to be involved and we can’t wait to see the full episode when it comes out.

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You can view the reaction from Carragher on Twitter and the full podcast with Robertson and Jones via Its A Funny Old Life Podcast on YouTube:

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