(Video) Liverpool fans mock Frank Lampard with “Frank’s a Tory” chant directed at the Everton manager

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Fair to say Frank Lampard never had the best relationship with Liverpool fans but he had his first taste of a Merseyside derby reception, during his team’s 2-0 loss.

The Kop has been regularly singing “F**k the Tories” for a while now and the opportunity of having a self confessed Tory sat in Everton’s dugout, was too good to be missed.

Instead of singing the usual lyrics, our supporters came out with a rendition of “Frank’s a Tory” and it certainly had many supporters chuckling and singing along.

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There’s no need to go into the the disdain that most Scousers hold anyone from the Conservative Party in, which is why it was the perfect song to sing to the fans from the other side of Stanley Park.

Many of their supporters must hate that they have someone with starkly opposite political views to themselves and this chant would have wound them up even more.

Proof that you can get under someone’s skin without having to resorting to songs about death and tragedies.

You can listen to the chant from the Kop about Lampard via @ThePaulMachin on Twitter:

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