‘We’re better than that’ – Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust ask fans to stop singing “Sign on” chant at Anfield

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Liverpool fans are subjected to songs about poverty, unemployment, Hillsborough and a host of other topics on a weekly basis and now Tottenham have asked their supporters to stop.

In an article published by the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust, they wrote: ‘We were disappointed to hear the “Sign on” chant at Saturday’s away match at Anfield.

‘Poverty and joblessness are not fair game for banter. There is a cost of living crisis throughout England, including in London. Our Club represents an area and community with the fastest growing rate of unemployment in the country.

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‘We are rightly proud of our away support, and we want it to be noticed for positive reasons. For most of the game at Anfield our fans gave superb backing to a great team performance. Spurs fans have provided financial backing to Marine FC on Merseyside, and regularly contribute to foodbanks and community initiatives in London. This is what we are about.

‘The “Sign on” chant is not what we are about. We’re Tottenham Hotspur. We’re better than that’.

First of all, the supporters’ trust should be congratulated for asking their fans to stop singing this chant and we can only applaud them doing so.

Only through fans and clubs telling themselves and each other to change, will change actually happen.

This is similar to the case of our club asking supporters to stop chanting about Chelsea fans and why every time anti-Hillsborough chants are directed at our supporters – we try and make a point of highlighting it.

It’s 2022 and this isn’t banter, these are social issues that the don’t fall into the category of jokes.

Sing about your own team and sing about football, that’s why everyone is in the stadium and that’s why people love this game so much.

You can view the Tweet for the article via @THSTOfficial on Twitter:

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