Only 14% of Liverpool fans receive tickets in the Champions League final ballot despite 30% supposedly being successful

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Reaching the Champions League final is magical for any club but many Liverpool fans have experienced heartache after the ballot results.

The club confirmed that ‘35,532 qualifying supporters registered’ for the ballot and of that, just ‘29.5 per cent’ would be successful.

They then confirmed that they had received an ‘allocation of 19,618 tickets’ (of the 80,698 seater stadium) but not all of these were being given to the match-going supporters.

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In fact, just 63% of the 19,618 tickets ( which comes to 12,358 tickets) would be going to the fans and after sales for priority rights and supporters with seven or more Champions League credits, there was always going to be a lot of upset fans.

The latest ballot, if my maths serves me correctly, had 10,480 tickets and that meant over 25,000 eligible fans in the ballot would be missing out and hence be understandably upset.

Anger has been pointed to the club for taking 37% of the tickets themselves (for ‘Contractual supporter allocation’, ‘Matchday officials/first-team players/media’ and ‘Commercial partners’) and also at UEFA for only giving Liverpool fans (after deductions from the club) 15% of the stadium.

A Champions League final where the supporters who go to the game, get just 15% of the allocation.

That’s not even mentioning whether people think it’s fair that season ticket holders for 10/20/30/40/50 years are in the same hat as members who have only been to six European home games this season.

So, who is at fault? The club have to take some blame for giving nearly two fifths of our tickets away and then UEFA have the biggest blame for taking so many tickets for their partners.

It’s the same old debate and it feels like nothing will change but let’s hope one day it does.

In an effort to check whether the quoted 29.5% success rate was accurate, we ran our own poll that found 14% of fans were successful but that all feels like an argument for another day.

There was never a way for this to all be done fairly and to make everyone happy but the mess that this amazing competition’s showpiece final is in now, is quite frankly absurd.

Football is for the fans, apparently…

You can view the results of our poll via @empireofthekop on Twitter:

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