Twitter thread explains how Jurgen Klopp gave Liverpool the edge during the penalty shoot-out against Chelsea in the FA Cup final

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Liverpool defeated Chelsea on penalties for the second time this season and it’s now been explained how Jurgen Klopp gave his players the edge over Chelsea.

Writing on Twitter, football psychology researcher Geir Jordet painstakingly analysed the penalty shoot-out: ‘At around 60 seconds after the final whistle, Klopp already has made his selection and approaches each penalty taker to tell/ask him what shot to take. He does this one-on-one and often cements his ask with his trademark HUG. The asking process is intimate, safe, and loving.

‘At 1.30 min, Klopp is done with his rounds, the team is gathered in a huddle, and he gives a short but passionate speech. At 1.45, he finishes and the team breaks up the huddle.

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‘While Tuchel is still in the process of selecting and asking his players, Klopp has finished all his administrative duties and spends his time spreading warmth, love and good energy; even taking a moment to have a laugh with van Dijk.

‘Because Liverpool finished their huddle early, they step into the mid circle first, and get to pick position. They pick the side closest to their bench, which enables staff to give further instructions during the shootout & maintains closeness to the warmth of the manager.

‘Jürgen Klopp’s Monsters of mentality are not born, they’re made. Proactive preparation, composed execution, and warm/loving communication tend to give the best possible foundation for performance under extreme pressure. Liverpool was up 1-0 before the shootout had even begun’.

The full thread also shows how Thomas Tuchel clearly wasn’t fully prepared for the penalties but our boss had a clear plan and then ensured his players were ready for the big moment.

To take 18 penalties against the same opposition and only miss one, shows the level of preparation that has clearly gone into our squad.

This analysis is very interesting though and further exemplifies the role of our amazing manager in taking the pressure away from his players.

You can view the full thread via @GeirJordet on Twitter:

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