Jurgen Klopp on his post-Kyiv Madrid song and how he he posed with ‘a vase pretending it was the trophy’ after the loss

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Jurgen Klopp was the image of how to be defiant in victory as he remained positive after we lost the 2018 Champions League final.

Speaking with Sky Sports, the 54-year-old was asked why he’s so driven for more trophies and how he reacted to prior final losses: “My idea of life is I don’t expect anything, I don’t take anything for granted – as long as I have a chance, it was always enough for me. And we have the chance obviously to react so let’s give it a try. So we felt already how rubbish it feels when you lose so you have to work to get the other feeling.

“When we sang the song [after the Champions League defeat to Real Madrid in 2018] in my kitchen that we’ll bring the trophy back to Liverpool and then we actually did it, I think it was pretty special. By the way, this morning my phone reminded me of that memory with a picture of Peter Krawietz and another friend of mine holding a vase pretending it was the trophy. That’s when we started creating the song, but it’s a good example.

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“So you try hard, you want to win everything, we go for it with all you have and it’s still possible to lose. And it feels really not good. And I had it too often in my life, but if I’m 100 per cent honest, they all sharpened my mind as well. So I don’t think I made a lot of mistakes in the finals, but maybe here or there little things.

“I thought you have to perform, like you have to play your best game. And then we won the Champions League when it was the worst final we played to be honest – I was more than happy with that. And I was not coaching on the sideline, ‘do this, do that.’ I accepted it like this. And we all tried to defend on a decent level and, and to get through this game.

“So we all have to learn to win. But sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough time for it. That’s it.”

There’s no question that the German loves winning with Liverpool and is incredibly driven to continue to win as much silverware as he can.

It was a big boost for our fans and players to see the manager remaining so positive in defeat and that will surely have helped drive the squad on.

Little did we know then that the next year would be the start of the boss’s trophy winning campaigns.

For anyone who hasn’t heard the song in question by Klopp, you can watch it here via @Zaahid_LFC on Twitter:

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