(Video) “You’re not a special case” – Steve Nicol fires a bizarre rant at Jurgen Klopp for his fixture scheduling complaints

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Jurgen Klopp is a public advocate at protecting players by reducing the number of games they play and Steve Nicol has taken issue with this.

Speaking on ESPN FC, the 60-year-old said: “Jurgen, your next job, take the Southampton job and then you won’t have to worry about complaining about fixtures. Come on.

“Does he really want to turn round and ask the FA to help Liverpool? You’d hear every other man and his dog complaining that they’re going out of their way.

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“Look, if you’re as good as they are and as successful as they are, you’re going to have a heavy schedule. So I find it a little bit… he’s saying nothing that successful teams’ managers have not been saying since I was playing in the 80s.

“It was the exact same in the 80s. You’re not a special case because you do well, you shouldn’t expect anybody to look after you, so I don’t know why you go complaining.

“And he didn’t have to. Stop complaining. I’ll tell you what, how many fans around the country, around Europe, would love to have the problem that he’s got? So, come on, don’t complain about it”.

It’s a strange thing for a former Liverpool player to do and he seems to have very much taken it personally that our boss is asking for less matches to be played.

Other nations put the interest of their best teams first and award them more time off between games, with the Premier League it’s all about putting the best teams on the TV and we often get punished for that.

This all seems a very strange viewpoint from someone who sounds a little out of touch of what our boss is actually asking for.

You can watch Nicol’s comments to Klopp’s words via ESPN FC on YouTube:

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