Robbie Fowler suggests that penalty shoot-outs ‘need a rule in place’ to stop a tactic that is being used too often

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At this time of the season penalty shoot-outs become a much more frequent event but Robbie Fowler would like to make a change to the rules.

Taking to his Twitter account the 47-year-old wrote: ‘Penalty shootouts atm the keepers taking to long to get in goal, playing mind games obviously.. needs a rule in place, player puts ball on spot keeper has 10 secs , not ready in 10 , player should just take … yay, nay?’.

Some cynics may say that it’s no surprise to see a striker asking for more restrictions to be placed on goalkeepers, especially in a shoot-out.

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Given that the men in the goal can’t step off their line, aren’t allowed to touch the bar and the taker can still stutter their run-ups, then it seems fair game for them to try and get a mental edge with delay tactics.

Having said this though, the Carabao Cup final saw Kepa Arrizabalaga waste copious amounts of time before each spot-kick and there was no punishment there.

Perhaps like the six second rule for ‘keepers holding the ball before releasing it, time limits should be introduced but it’s unlikely the referees will abide too strictly by it.

You can view the Tweet via @Robbie9Fowler on Twitter:

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