(Video) Embarrassing scenes as only a few Manchester City fans seen waiting for PL trophy parade an hour before buses set off

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There couldn’t have been a greater contrast to the turnout for Liverpool’s last trophy parade to the scenes in Manchester an hour before the Manchester City buses were due to set off.

In footage shared online by @BBCNWT, a small number of Cityzens fans were seen gathered around the fencing in anticipation of the arrival of Pep Guardiola’s Premier League winners.

We very much look forward to seeing how our own celebrations turn out after the Champions League final where we will hopefully pick up our third piece of silverware of the season.

You can catch the clip below, courtesy of BBC News:

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  1. two cups with zero goals scored in each final. Not exactly setting the world alight

  2. We are used to winning it,remember 6 in 12 year,1 in 30 year that’s why u got more excited about it cos probably if would been many peoples last time to see u win it again just a thought 😉

  3. And one goal from open play in their CL win… and a pen which wouldn’t have been given the season before.

  4. Seems Empire of the Kop has to turn up early for everything, I guess…. same way stadia onl y fill up with 10 mins to go to the game.

    Desperate, pathetic publication….

  5. The parade in 2019 was for our 6th European cup
    We never had a premier league one

    If we lose on Saturday watch the parade
    Learn about a real club run within the rules
    With real fans that fill a stadium even when we are crap

    Embarrassing that you cannot sell tickets and have to bring in rent a crowd to trash your stadium

    Come back when you have 19 titles and 6 European cups then we’ll talk

  6. Yeah because people are gonna be turning up an hour earlier when the work day is still on. If you look at the pictures of the parade pretty sure you can see a lot of people. Guess you scousers really don’t have jobs do you, can spend all day dossing about

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