(Video) Sadio Mane asks James Milner for the Manchester City score before being told off by the vice captain

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As the players walked in for half-time against Wolves in the final Premier League game of the season, Sadio Mane had one thing on his mind.

Thanks to the ‘Inside’ series from Liverpool’s YouTube channel, it can be seen that our No.10 covers his mouth as he appears to ask James Milner about the score in the Manchester City game.

Our vice captain can then clearly be heard saying: “Just concentrate on us, us – concentrate on us”.

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It was a real insight to the leadership that our No.7 has and his brilliant mindset, knowing that no scoreline mattered in the Etihad Stadium unless we won our game.

The second half provided a winning goal for Jurgen Klopp’s side but it also did so for Pep Guardiola’s team as well.

It wasn’t to be our day in the league but we still have one more game to be able to try and win a spectacular treble.

You can watch the video of Mane and Milner (from 10:00) via Liverpool’s YouTube channel:

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  1. Potentially “a spectacular treble” LMAO!! the knock out cup kings, two finals producing no goals and scraping wins on pens!! Spectacular all right … imagine the melt down on Saturday if Madrid, the true European Cup Kings, turn you over. All the footballing world, aprt from you, Norway, Ireland, Sky, BT and the gash paper media, are watching and waiting ;-)

  2. James Milner is nothing but a mercenary for hire, clown was an average player until Manchester City gave him a break. If it wasn’t for City he would have still been stuck at Villa and win nothing. Soon as he leaves City he starts running his mouth off disrespecting his previous teammates, club and and supporters, he’s a scumbag of the highest order with no respect or moral compass. I’m glad we let him go, I couldn’t care less what he’s won with you, he’s not fit to wear our shirt or represent us, Liverpool on the other hand are a perfect fit. Disrespectful club with no respect or moral compass. Fans cause historical stadium trouble wherever they go, club caught hacking other clubs databases, City Mayor and Police complicit and guilty of instigating the criminal act of your clubs fan base violently assaulting and destroying of opposing teams buses live on air with the entire world watching and UEFA seen to have done nothing about it, just let your club get away with the use of flares and violence by your fans right outside your stadium, Liverpool police guilty of allowing it all to happen and failing to bring a single Liverpool supporter to justice despite the fact one of their own were injured. Shameful club and an embarrassment to England, especially after booing our Queen.

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