Richarlison mocks Liverpool online immediately after Champions League final defeat

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Richarlison’s latest online post has done little to change his reputation for being a little Liverpool-obsessed.

Tweeting after the Reds’ 1-0 defeat to Real Madrid in the Champions League final, the Brazilian international appeared to mock Everton’s city rivals.

The Merseysiders fell short once more to Los Blancos, drawing a rare blank in front of goal to hand Carlo Ancelotti’s men their 14th title in the competition.

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The Blues star has produced some bizarre claims historically, previously attacking star centre-half Virgil van Dijk and claiming that the Dutchman didn’t compare to the likes of Real Madrid legend Sergio Ramos.

Despite it all, we’ve no doubt Jurgen Klopp will be nothing but proud of a Liverpool side that has fundamentally been phenomenal for much of the season, playing all 63 games on offer and falling just short of our lofty ambitions.

It’ll be a night to celebrate for our rivals, relieved to see us not secure further silverware, but we’ll soon dust ourselves off and begin anew.

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  1. Who the fuck is Dickcharlison anyway. His team finished just outside the relegation zone. Arsewipe!!!!

  2. Wouldn’t you be better served concentrating on your own teams poor season and the fact you stayed up by the skin of your teeth instead of being jealous of a team at least have won two trophies this season you sad little man.

  3. The best team in the world? From quadruple to two mucky mouse cups won by penalty kicks. Its only in England that you can win the best manager award by winning two micky mouse cups through spot kicks.

  4. I don’t understand players mocking others. Dude you haven’t been able to qualify your team for Europe… and you are joking about a CL finalists…
    Be humble and respectful…

  5. Got what you all deserved, boo hoo hoo. Couldn’t have happened to more worthy people. May it continue.

  6. Richard-lison who? Ffs that dude is trying to get a taste of the ucl feeling since his club can’t qualify for it. I bet he only knows how it feels like surviving relegation.

  7. In years to come his children will say “ Daddy what did you do during your football career?”
    He puffs out his chest and says” I avoided relegation whilst at Everton” . What a plank

  8. Liverpool cup finals 2022:
    P3. W0. D2. L1. For 0. Against 1.
    The best attack in the world, apparently arsewipepool hahahahaha

    Quadruple lol
    With HAALAND &ALVERZ waaaaa champions again 22/23 CENTURIONS only team to do the domestic QUADRUPLE

  9. Everton just a sad club who will always be in Liverpool’s shadow with second rate players like richarli son so sad

  10. Everton are so bitter always in Liverpool’s shadow with second rate players like Richardson we never worry about you because you will always be rubbish

  11. …rare blank in front of goal…? Three finals and three blanks….not rare, but the norm for your team.

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