Liverpool ask for fans to submit their account of the events in Paris for the Champions League final

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Due to the conflicting reports from UEFA, the police and the media, Liverpool have asked for all fans to share their account of events in Paris.

As written on the club’s website: ‘Liverpool FC is asking supporters who attended the Champions League final in Paris to complete a feedback form in order to support any investigation into the operational management of the event.

‘The club officially requested a formal and transparent investigation into the issues supporters faced in and around Stade de France, before and after kick-off.

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‘The form can be accessed online here and will also be sent via email directly to supporters who purchased a ticket for the game’.

We can only echo the words of the club and ask that all supporters submit their memories of the day, to ensure the truth is told.

As a set of fans we know what happens when a false narrative is shared by those in power and this is the best way to ensure what actually happened is accurately reported.

Together we can ensure that the truth is outed.

You can view the Tweet asking for Liverpool fans’ help via @LFC:

‘Paris should be ashamed’ – Fan accounts of police aggression, ‘UEFA’s incompetence’ & the Champions League final as it unfolded

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  1. I didn’t end up going to the ground as I sold my ticket, I sold it to a friend who I had travelled with, he could then go with his brother. My experiences were all around the Saint Denis area, shocking.

    As soon as we arrived it was just pure hostility, you got the feeling the police and security had clearly made up their minds on us as a fan base before we arrived. Within a couple of hours of arriving (I arrived at 10am French), I had seen at least 3 / 4 gangs of youths carrying weapons (golf clubs etc.) the police were un approachable from the beginning., that didn’t change throughout the day, as the day was going on you could see and read things on social media platforms about people being mugged and harassed or even attacked. When the police would approach you to move in a certain direction they would point their gun in your face, nothing polite about them at all. Very unsafe, very intimidating. Gutted

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