“The crush was the main concern” – Alan Kennedy shares his account of the “absolute chaos” outside the Stade de France

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After being the hero in 1981, Alan Kennedy didn’t expect his return to Paris leading to being hauled to safety after chaos outside the Stade de France.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, the 67-year-old said: “We were supporting Liverpool and going towards the block that we should have gone to. There was no way we could get there within that period of time before kick-off.

“There were too many people. Some were coming from sideways, some were going straight on, some were coming against us. These were fans who didn’t know where to go.

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“It was absolute chaos and it was very, very frightening for me. I was following my son and he was taking me the right way, but unfortunately we got side-tracked, we got pushed to one side and I ended up trying to get over the fence just to get out of the way of the crowd of people.

“The crush was the main concern for me and, of course, I just wanted to get to one side. Suddenly, I found myself being hauled over the fence, which must have been at least 6ft high.

“I ended up on top of a van and then was escorted to a point where I was given a glass of water by Jason McAteer, would you believe? Fortunately I was OK, but there was a lot of fans in distress.”

It’s a traumatic tale that echos countless others shared by Liverpool fans who were also present at the game.

Despite this being a horrible tale from the former left-back, it’s worked out well for our fans that people of his stature shared the same experience.

This way the truth will be outed and the lies from the French police and UEFA will be revealed very quickly.

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