(Video) Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain hesitates during bus parade and seems to suggest what may happen next season

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Divock Origi was handed an emotional goodbye by the Liverpool fans but Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain may not be handed the same luxury.

Speaking with LFC TV, the 28-year-old said: “It’s pretty special, it would be nice if Trent actually waved back now and again – I’ve never seen a ruder Scouser in all my life!

“They’re a special bunch of people, I know we’ve done this before but it’s special every time – it’s amazing.

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“Every sort of 15 minutes, I’m getting a grab on the shoulder from Millie and I know that’s him saying ‘soak it in, take it in and don’t get bored of it’. He’s been round the block and he’s seen it all.

“That’s all we can say about that though”.

Although the words of our No.15 don’t seem to give much away, his face and the body language when he appears to hold something back on two occasions does look like he wanted to say more.

Not saying that I’m a body language expert but he looks like a person appreciating the Liverpool supporters for one final occasion.

This might not be true but it felt like a man considering his future, if not one that has already made his mind up.

You can watch Oxlade-Chamberlain’s comments (from 2:35:00) via Liverpool’s YouTube channel:

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