‘What a load of rubbish!’ – Super-agent savages UEFA & suggests reason for French police’s abominable treatment of Liverpool fans

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Rob Segal has criticised UEFA in its attempt to save face by pushing the blame for the poor handling of the Champions League final onto fans carrying fake tickets.

French authorities boldly claimed that as many as 30,000-40,000 Liverpool fans arrived in Paris either carrying forgeries or no tickets at all for the clash between the Reds and Real Madrid.

“When I saw those pictures on Saturday night, there were literally more families with children than gangs of older people,” the super-agent told Caught Offside.

“I think the French police were trying to prove a point when there was no point to be proven.

“It is also typical of UEFA to come up with a load of nonsense to try and save face.

“I have to read emails from them all the time which baffle me to the point of making my stomach turn so I wasn’t surprised that the first thing UEFA did, with no evidence, was to say that there was a mass of forged tickets – what a load of rubbish!”

Jurgen Klopp’s men were defeated on the night by Vinicius Jr’s sole effort, which was enough to secure Los Blancos their 14th title in the competition.

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To still have not apologised to Liverpool fans for their treatment at the hands of French police and the stewards present is utterly farcical – particularly given the wide array of footage evidencing this.

Given how threatened the governing body once was by the prospect of a European Super League, one might have thought every effort would be taken to distinguish itself as the rightful organisation to lead the future of European football.

If anything, it has proved otherwise with the spineless response to the horrifying scenes witnessed at the weekend.

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  1. Lets say that there were many forged tickets; does that make it legal to pepper spray innocent old men, women, children, even invalids…..??
    There is a video by a BBC correspondent which clearly showed that after 2 hours and three times checking of the tickets, French police came out, hit people with batons, punched one and pepper sprayed the rest….What for???

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