(Video) Liverpool fans clean the streets of Paris just hours before they are targeted with pepper spray by French Police

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If the reports from the French Police and UEFA are believed, Liverpool fans were to blame for the events outside the Stade de France.

However, countless videos of accounts from the day have been shared by our supporters that clearly show this was the fault of the event organisers and not us.

Another piece of evidence that shows how peaceful the travelling Kop were in the French capital has now been shared too.

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In a video posted by HORS-ZONE in the French press, many of our fans have been shown to have been cleaning the streets in Paris and collecting rubbish from the floor.

Apparently these are the actions of the same set of people that were to blame for the highly disturbing scenes that were to follow a few hours later.

In truth, we don’t need to see this as we all know the truth of the day but thankfully the presence of camera phones and social media has meant the real story has been shared.

You can view the video of the Liverpool fans via @HZ_Press on Twitter:

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  1. Clear pre planed aggression; and pre planed excuses (lies) by French Ministers. Shame on them, and on British politicians that see this travesty and do not treat it as a diplomatic incident.

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