(Video) French police storm Paris bar whilst Liverpool fans peacefully watch the Champions League final

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Liverpool fans were inexcusably targeted across Paris by French police and another video has revealed this.

In a video posted to Twitter at 9:22pm on the day of the final, before the match had finished, French journalist Remy Buisine wrote: ‘Violent police charge in a bar near the Liverpool fan zone in Nation, the situation escalates. People on the terrace are beaten with truncheons’.

It showed large numbers of the police with riot equipment hitting our supporters, many of whom didn’t retaliate and were unnecessarily targeted for watching the match.

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Reddit user u/whistonreds provided his account of the events too: ‘I was at the pub/ restaurant that got attacked by the police around the 30th minute of the game.

‘We were all sat there calmly enjoying the final for 30mins, then all of a sudden these fellas geared up in military grade equipment decided we shouldn’t be here and cleared us all out for nothing.

‘I’ve never experienced anything like it, nothing had caused this to happen and its only half the story. The police cleared the outside then decided to come back and clear the inside’.

The lies from the French police can’t continue any longer and their lies need to continue to be outed.

Thousands of Liverpool fans travelled to go and support their team and this is how most were treated.

You can watch the video via @RemyBuisine on Twitter: 

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  1. Pre planed Police violence and pre planed Minister lies.
    Justice to the Liverpool supporters. ❤

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