(Video) Curtis Jones and Anthony Gordon refuse to sing along with ‘God save the Queen’ but receive no media backlash

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Curtis Jones, Anthony Gordon and Trent Alexander-Arnold all did the same thing but received differing levels of media coverage.

The key similarity between all three men is of course that they are Scouse and that none of them sang the national anthem during England duty this week.

When our No.66 didn’t sing along, he received lots of negative press and messages on social media but the same treatment hasn’t been afforded to the other two players.

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That will mainly fall down to the fact that this was for the Under 21s but it still shows the hypocrisy within the media and by supporters of the Three Lions.

It’s hard to ignore the different ethnicity of our right-back on this matter and the track record of the media to portray BAME individuals in a derogatory way, despite white players doing exactly the same thing and in the same week.

It’s great that the three Scousers were united on this cause, although they are by no means the first to ever not sing the anthem on live TV.

You can watch the video of Jones and Gordon via @BBCMOTD on Twitter:

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  1. They are happy to take the knee but won’t respect our Queen? I’ve never rated Jones, he’s ineffective, but I really don’t like him now. Gordon hasn’t impressed me either.

  2. Hey dude – protesting the bias against a disadvantaged section of society by taking a knee, or protesting a disadvantaged section of society by refusing to pay homage to a monarch – what’s the difference
    PS how you rate those players is of zero interest to anybody

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