Liverpool fans will be blown away by the reported salary Sadio Mane was demanding to remain at Anfield next season

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Bayern Munich-bound Sadio Mane was reportedly demanding £83m per year to remain at Liverpool this summer.

The Senegal international is expected to leave Anfield for the Allianz Arena after the Reds refused to meet his wage demands of a reported £400,000 per week, that’s according to the Mirror (via Caught Offside).

The former Southampton man views himself as one of the best players in the world in his position and is therefore demanding a wage that matches his worth to the club.

The winger played a pivotal role in Liverpool’s impressive campaign as they took their quadruple hopes right down to the wire – he netted 23 goals and registered five assists in 51 appearances (across all competitions).

The Bundesliga giants are believed to be willing to pay Mane £360,000 a week to join them whilst the man that is expected to arrive on Merseyside and replace our No. 10 is Darwin Nunez.

The Uruguay international will be announced as a Liverpool player later this week after a deal with Benfica was agreed – the initial fee for the 22-year-old will be £64m, with a further £21m available in performance based add-ons.

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Mo Salah will see his contract expire at the end of next season so the club will be therefore attempting to avoid a similar situation to Mane’s with the Egyptian King in 12 months time.

There’s yet to be any progress in negotiations regarding a new deal for our No. 11 but he has already confirmed that he will remain on Merseyside for the upcoming campaign.

That is of course good news for all involved with the Anfield outfit, but it means the 29-year-old could leave the club on a free transfer next year.

That will frighten some Liverpool supporters, but for now they just need to enjoy watching the former AS Roma man whilst he’s still at top of his game.

Jurgen Klopp’s attack may look slightly different next season with Mane in the starting XI, but he still has enough quality at his disposal to ensure the Reds are as competitive as possible on all fronts.

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  1. someone needs to go back to school and learn maths. £83m a year is almost £1.6m a week not £400k.

    1. Ya….but after 6 years, if he is good, you can sell him on. Your computation does not include Nunez recovery value.

  2. Thanx alot u Guys but u must know that no player is above liverpool fc.The only player above LIVERPOOL fc is Jurgen Robert Klopp

  3. The article was supposed to say £83m over a four year contract, at £400 000 per week. I’d rather use that money to sign someone younger like a Darwin Nu…, oh wait. We did that already. Wow, this club is wide awake. Sorry Mane, no player is bigger than our club, and can dictate terms.

  4. Not true,
    sadio never asked for that amount.
    They spend a year negociating with Salah about his wages and nothing with Mane.
    When asked if he would like to sign a new contract he just say “I would prefer to go for a new challenge.”
    The fact is there are two possibilities : keep him to the end of his contract and let him go as a free agent or try to cash.
    That is the reality

  5. Check the salary scale of the players b4 you say something, how on can OX charnbale be earning more than Mane

  6. yep! how does the Ox earn more on the bench than Mane who risks limbs every match day? Mane feels used and just wish to leave.

  7. True this so so so painful but always Racial politics can never end how ever much Talented some one is.
    But it better Sadio Mane to go shine and Bayern is a Big Club.
    I will always miss Sadio Mane at Anfield.

  8. The lad is past his best after giving us 100%. The 400k wasn’t necessarily what he demanded, but a polite way to say ‘I gotta leave to explore new opportunities and challenges’.
    All the best Sadio, thanks for your contribution to ‘The Champions Wall’. YNWA

  9. Mane you are right in demanding that, you are a star but these people look down upon Africans

  10. Liverpool will not be better off without Mane, wait and see. That wage demand is reasonable for a world class player

  11. They just can’t stand a black player earning that much in Liverpool. He’s worth that amount. Why would he even earn less than Farmino, van Dyk and the rest … coz they’re not African!!? Go Mane Go!!
    Liverpool shd adapt an appraisal system that rewards players yearly… don’t allow them to ask for it, surprise them with payrise before they ask for it… blind them off and you earn loyalty 100%!!

  12. Why Africans are always not considered no matter good things they can do there not on support only criticising is the answer for them.goal machine get less than someone is on bench for the whole season waiting for mane to get injured for them to play get more no no no mane make a wise decision we are behind ur plans

  13. Jane’s contribution to Liverpool’s meteoric rise and success in international football, is out there for everyone and generations to see and judge. His demand for pay rise was timely and justified based on his exemplary performance and not by the color of his skin. Mane should move on and let the world see how Liverpool will perform in the next season.

  14. After all the struggle he has done, I myself rank sadio mane a legend, so why don’t you put aside the skin color and satisfy his needs

  15. He can decide to run down his contract too and there won’t be any resell value to talk of . What if he flops too .

  16. Liverpool as a team has never isolated player according to salary plans, rising comments like black African is no of sense at all bse it’s one team in Europe were players r respected to the highest,so if mane is looking up to Bayern now that is of no problem he needs to experience new challenges like the Eto’s did and other African player who have been racked world class.

  17. I can see that the lot of you guys are bigots indeed. Mane is worth more than he was demanding. Wait and see how your club’s stupidity will end up

  18. I think this is a honest answer, and reflect the fact. Anyway as said previously no one is bigger than LFC in foot ball. The club must win at the end of every game and season. Don’t forget YNWA.

  19. If indeed players on the bench were paid better than Mane, it proves the stupidity of LFC and all the bigots in here talking gibberish. He is worth big money, maybe not as much as he is demanding but did Liverpool even try to meet him halfway? This brings me to my last point. Klopp does not play, the players do, so quit saying Klopp is more important than any player. If this does not convince you, the champions league final does. You lost to a team you should have better. Trust me Mane’s departure will jolt MO Sallah to start thinking ab exit strategy. They complemented one another superbly. It will take time for any new signee to make any immediate impact upfront. Good luck Mane. You are truly a fantastic athlete a great mind of the game.

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