Exclusive: Uruguay goes crazy at Núñez transfer & Why Darwin will be different to Diego Forlan

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The Darwin Núñez deal has been finalised and just like Liverpool fans everywhere, we’re delighted with the transfer. 

As a result, we’ll be speaking to lots of experts from Uruguay and those who know the player personally to give EOTK readers the best insight before the striker steps out at Anfield next season.

Brahian Kuchman is an experienced and respected football journalist from Uruguay and explained to us what the reaction has been to the £76m deal in his homeland.

“It’s amazing how much people are talking about it over here,” Kuchmann began.

“There is a lot of furore about the arrival of Darwin Núñez at Liverpool. The expectation is tremendous, there is a lot of enthusiasm and a desire for him to do very well. On social networks people write: “From now on, Liverpool already has a new fan”.

“Liverpool has a special meaning for Uruguayans because it brings back unique memories from when Luis Suárez wore that shirt. I don’t want to exaggerate, but when Luis played for Liverpool it was as if he was playing for the Uruguayan National Team. As a Charrúa and a footballer myself, that’s how I felt and I’m sure most Uruguayans felt the same way; we all wanted Suárez to do well and at that time we became big fans of the club. We are aware that Luis left an indelible mark there and we hope that Darwin can also leave his personal mark. This is our great desire.”

Liverpool have collected fans from all over the globe thanks to our multicultural squad and it appears we’ve now amassed a new batch South Americans, given we already have Luis Diaz’s Colombia and the Brazilians of Alisson, Roberto Firmino and Fabinho!

According to Kuchmann, Núñez has the potential to reach the heights of his countrymen, Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani – and is impressed by the progression of the forward’s career to date.

“I don’t want to be too hasty, but I think that so far, Darwin is taking the “right” path in his career. I cling to the idea that Uruguayan footballers, when they arrive in Europe, should first establish themselves in a minor club or a minor league and then, when they are ready, make the big leap to the elite,” he said.
“If we look back, most of the Uruguayan stars – with a few exceptions – have succeeded in Europe’s top clubs, but have previously played for a lesser team or in a lower league. I think this is necessary and essential for the career of Uruguayan youth players. However, at the same age as Darwin is now (22 years old), Suárez was making his first steps at Ajax in Holland, Cavani at Palermo in Italy and the one who had the hardest time in his early days was Forlán, because he arrived at Manchester United directly from Independiente de Avellaneda (Argentina), being this his first experience in Europe. Drastic change is not easy for anyone. Although Forlán spent three seasons in Manchester and rotated often, he was neither a starter nor an indispensable player for Alex Ferguson. Only when he moved to Villarreal in Spain did he become an indispensable player; from there, he began his glorious career journey.”

What excites us at EOTK most about the 22-year-old is that a player of his talent will be working under Jurgen Klopp’s regime.

Klopp, Pep Lijnders and the coaching staff have created an environment in which talent thrives, perhaps more so than it does anywhere else.

The due diligence on Núñez’s character will have been done and by all accounts, this is a hard-working, humble family-man, despite his youth. 

Klopp was already lavishing praise on Núñez after he wowed at Anfield last season, and now the German has a talismanic striker to mould in his footballing image. 

“I have enormous faith in him because he has the conditions to believe in him. He has already shown great glimpses of what he can give in Spanish and Portuguese football, but I have no doubt that Darwin has no ceiling and that he is still in the midst of his footballing evolution,” Kuchmann said. 

“Playing for Liverpool at this stage of his career, when he is on his way to maturity, is a perfect fit for him because both player and team will feed off each other perfectly.

“In addition to his good footballing characteristics, I would add three factors that for me are essential to be able to succeed in a big European club like Liverpool: personality, character and temperament. Darwin has the necessary resources and is tailor-made to make a name for himself in elite football.”


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