(Image) Accident at Anfield sees Bill Shankly gates damaged and brickwork displaced by contractor’s truck

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There has been an accident at Anfield which has seen the Shankly gates damaged.

Whilst the Anfield Road End is being redeveloped and the stadium is being used for music events, there are plenty of work trucks and vans going in and out of the stadium.

It looks as though one of them has hit the gates that were erected in memory of our legendary manager and also damaged the brick work around them too.

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The image shows damage to the right column of bricks but the top of the gates themselves fortunately don’t look too badly affected.

Speculation online has some suggesting that the top of the gates have been deliberately moved for work within the stadium but this looks more like damage than a temporary relocation.

It’s unfortunate for whoever has done it that they appear to have been captured on camera but this looks like a quick, yet probably expensive, fix.

You can view the image of the Shankly gates via Reddit user u/Pummpy1:

Someone has broken the Shankley Gates from LiverpoolFC

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