(Video) Liverpool fan gets a room full of Evertonians to toast Jurgen Klopp during hilarious wedding speech

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Liverpool and Everton fans are famously known for having a playful relationship when it comes to our rivalries.

There’s no doubt that some aspects have worsened over the years but on the whole, given that entire families are split between red and blue, there’s a good relationship between the clubs’ supporters.

This is perhaps best illustrated by Stewart Milne’s recent wedding speech which has been circling online, after he managed to get a room of Blues to toast Jurgen Klopp.

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During the address, he is head to say: “Can everyone be upstanding and raise your glass to a man who’s had such an influence on me, a man who has made me believe that things will always improve and that the bad times do not come to stay but they come to pass. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jurgen Klopp!”.

The whole room looks confused and when the camera pans to a few Evertonians, you can see the disgust on their face before they then laugh along with the joke.

A rivalry how it should be, shared with equal measures of humour and distaste.

You can watch the video of the speech and the toast to Klopp via @Milnie8 on Twitter:

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